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Visiting Coaches Policy

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Visiting Coaches Policy

  • Visiting coaches are limited to two visits per week.
  • Coaches must present evidence of current Liability Insurance coverage.
  • All visiting coaches must sign a copy of the Visiting Coaches Responsibilities / Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • The fee for visiting coaches is $30 per day.
  • Only visiting coaches who have paid the fee will be allowed entry to the rink.
  • Visiting coaches must conduct their coaching activities either on the ice or at the boards in an area designated for that purpose.

Visiting Coaches Responsibilities / Code of Conduct

  • Visiting coaches should exercise awareness of other skaters around their students.
  • Visiting coaches must obey and abide by all East West Ice Palace, as well as US Figure Skating, ISI, and PSA rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Visiting coaches must maintain basic standards of personal conduct.
  • Visiting coaches must obey all state and national laws.
  • Visiting coaches must refrain from using profane, abusive language.
  • Sexual harassment or sexual misconduct with any athlete is forbidden.
  • Discrimination against athletes, East West Ice Palace employees, parents, and guests is forbidden.
  • Use of alchohol, illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited.