Group Socials

Planning a outing for a school, church, or social group? Perhaps an office party? Consider ice skating!

If your group is small, take advantage of the discount for groups of ten or more skaters on public skating sessions.

However, if your group is large, you would probably find it advantageous to rent the ice for a private party. You’ll have the rink to yourselves, with rental skates provided.


Broomball is played like hockey, but with sneakers on the ice. Slip and slide as you and your teammates try to get the ball into the net. It's lots of fun to play, and hilarious to watch — a great social outing for schools, churches, clubs, youth groups, sports teams, and company parties.

Sticks, balls, and nets are provided by East West Ice Palace. You bring your favorite sneakers and sense of humor.

Private Ice

Need extra ice time to get ready for a competition? We can rent private ice for an individual or a small group of skaters.

Special Events

Ice time can also be scheduled for events such as hockey games and tournaments, figure skating competitions...

Additional Information

For more information, and to reserve ice time, contact Jeremy Mingura:

Phone:   (562) 809-6200